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Hawkeye and Master Sergeant Kain Fuery reply when the Members of the Ouroboros make their transfer to recapture Barry the Chopper. When Führer King Bradley forcibly disbands Mustang’s unit, scattering Breda, Falman, Fuery, and Hawkeye, Havoc stays the one team member in a position to maneuver and act freely. Havoc plays little greater than a supporting position within the storyline, offering comedian relief and backup alongside his comrades Heymans Breda, VatoFalman, and Kain Fuery. Though Lust manages to disrupt Roy’s major mode of the fight by rupturing a water pipe in the room and dousing his gloves, Havoc can aid Roy by providing a spark from his cigarette lighter after the Colonel transmutes the water into combustible hydrogen and flammable oxygen, creating an explosion that incinerates Lust’s physique.

Roy can use hearth to sear Havoc’s wounds closed and staunch the bleeding, and, after Fullmetal Alchemist Official Shop Lust is defeated, the two are brought to a hospital. He is having a hassle adjusting to life as an immortal and, of the three brothers, is thought to be the least fitted to the mafia life. After three days of vigilance, Jacqueline is given the order to strike when Barry’s reanimated physique – sent by the Homunculi – arrives on the scene to eradicate Number 66. Havoc bursts into action to help Falman and Barry, dressed in covert ops gear and mask, but though Falman is unaware of Havoc’s surveillance, the Warrant Officer acknowledges the 2nd Lieutenant as a result of the scent of cigarette smoke on his person.

Southern Island also launched its motion figures in 2007 of the main characters. 2007 ChibiKeroKerobōru no Himitsu! While planning to extradite 2nd Lieutenant Maria Ross to Xerxes, Havoc acts on the scene, providing Roy with the false corpse and Ross’ prison tags from inside a secret tunnel positioned behind a dumpster. Havoc drives Barry’s body outside, the place Hawkeye can provide them sniper assist, and joins up with Colonel Mustang and Alphonse Elric in pursuing the two Barrys to Central Alchemical Laboratory Quantity 3. Jean and Roy venture deeper into the hidden reaches of Lab 3, which Havoc notes as having the stink of violence, and are confronted by Lust, who reveals herself to be a Homunculus.

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