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To be licensed, the casino must meet strict guidelines laid out by a gambling authority. The next step is to obtain the cells they require by taking a biopsy from the patient’s bladder. Then they load the pictures into a computer and create an identical 3-D model of the structure using CAD software. To determine the exact shape of the structure first, they create a 3-D model using computer-aided design CAD software. By combining this 3-D model with histological information gathered through years of microscopic examination of tissues, researchers create an image of the organ that the patient is in. The scaffold disappears removed shortly after surgery after the patient is capable of receiving the organ.

The first step is to make CT or MRI scans of the organ they wish to study. They often determine the exact x coordinates of x, y, and z of the model by scanning the patient with magnetic resonance imaging MRI or computerized tomography. Organs like the liver and kidneys are more complex in structure and have a wider range of cell types. Because bladder tissue only contains two types of cells, the above procedure is effective. While it is possible to print a scaffold, it would not be feasible to recreate the three-dimensional structure manually. The cells are then placed samples in a lab, and they grow into a number large enough to cover the scaffold, which serves as a temporary structure for cells to adhere to as they form and build.

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